Shingles Vaccine Cost & Why Its So Important

There are many who are worried about the shingles vaccine cost. But before you worry about the transaction costs of getting the vaccine and how your body will react to it, you need to understand what the shingles vaccine is all about. Then only will you understand whether it is applicable to you or not. You may consult a doctor or medical expert forums like WebMD in order to gain full information on what the vaccine is all about, how it works and so forth.

Information On The Shingles Vaccine

Shingles is a condition that may start off like a rash but it can lead to a debilitating condition if it is not arrested at the right stage. The rashes that are formed in this kind of ailment are agonizing. It is common in many old people. The virus that causes the rashes which are common but could be debilitating for one, is of the same family as the virus that causes chickenpox. Hence, one needs to take due precaution.

Many doctors will inform you that, the chicken pox virus often is never really rid off from our system. It may lie dormant in our system. If one is affected by shingles, the chicken pox virus may be reawakened. It is recommended that shingles vaccine be taken up by those who are in the age group of fifty or older. If your immune system is not compromised to a great extent and it is functioning in a normal manner, you may seek shingles vaccine.

shingles vaccine cost

The cost of the shingle vaccine may be found at the health and wellness clinics. However, if you are subjected to chemotherapy or take in high levels of steroidal drugs, then your doctor may not recommend this vaccine to you. The vaccine is not one that needs to be taken in frequent doses. One shot of the vaccine is sufficient. The cost of the vaccine is considerable for which one needs to seek coverage through their health insurance. Sometimes, it is difficult for one to obtain approval for the vaccine. If one has already gotten shingles, they can seek a doctor’s prescription stating that they need to take the vaccine within one year after the condition relapses. That might provide enough support to gain insurance cover for the cost of the shingles vaccine.

Shingles Vaccine Side Effects

Many wish to know what would be the side effects of the shingles vaccine. Indeed, when you are in your fifties and are worried about suffering the rashes or getting chicken pox back again, you need to take cover and opt for the shingles vaccine. Even though shingle is a rash like condition that can be agonising, it is not life threatening. When it occurs in one’s eyes or face, it can impair the related functions. Often, there is pain left in the areas where the rashes developed. The older one gets the more the chances of contracting shingles. Those who are above the age of eighty, have twenty five to fifty percent chance of contracting shingles. The side effects of the vaccine itself are nominal but you need to have a normal immune system working in order to take the effects of the vaccine.

Where To Get Shingles Vaccine

The shingles vaccine is easily obtained at any general health clinic. If you visit a general physician for your overall checkup, you might seek information from them. The vaccine is known as Zostavax. It is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the people who are aged above fifty though CDC recommends the virus specifically for those who reach the age of sixty. The shingles virus protects the body of a person from the reactivation of the chicken pox virus that many people are exposed to during the course of their child hood. The virus often stays latent in the body throughout the life of the person. The virus might get reactivated later on and if one gets the shingles virus, there are higher chances of the chicken pox virus getting reactivated. The shingles vaccine will prevent the reactivation process. The vaccination will help to reduce the chances of not getting shingles or chicken pox at such an advanced age, but the chances are not eliminated directly. Often, even after shingles has subsided, there is pain left in the affected areas which is considerably reduced when one takes up the shingles vaccine. The vaccine is a single shot that is given in the upper arm. More information about the vaccine may be sought here.

Reaction To Shingles Vaccine

When you take on shingles vaccine one will experience:

  • Pain as well as tenderness in the area where the injection is given. One may even experience headaches.
  • If one had any allergic reaction to gelatin, they might face an adverse reaction to the vaccine.
  • If one suffers from diseases like AIDS or HIV, undergoing chemotherapy, then their immune system is compromised. In such cases, they will not be able to react well to the vaccine.
  • Also, if one has tuberculosis or is trying to become pregnant, it is not recommended for them.

Effectiveness Of Shingles Vaccine

Family physicians will always recommend the shingles vaccine if there are older members in the household. Many are armed with no better weapons than this vaccine when it comes to protection from shingles and its family of diseases like chicken pox which is feared most of all. There are many who suffer from the post herpetic neuralgia that is a common condition of pain which occurs even when the rashes subside. One will find relief from such symptoms when they take on the vaccine. However, many wonder about the shingles vaccine cost and whether they should take it up. Often, the health insurance plans might not cover such a vaccine cost. Thus, one should discuss with their physician of the likelihood of contracting such an illness and why one should take up such a vaccine in the first place. Doctors will be able to provide the right advice to their patients.


One needs to understand the likelihood of contracting such an illness as per one’s immune system and age factors. Then the decision should be taken whether one needs to bear the shingles vaccine cost.

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